Strategic Audits & Consultancy

Preparing Organisations for the Future of Cash

The core mission of both iDAS and CSCS Global is to equip Central Bank and corporate leaders with cutting-edge knowledge and tools that will reduce operating costs throughout their supply chains, ‘future fit’ their organisations in an era of technological disruption and change, and ultimately render the full banknote life cycle self sustainable.

We provide a comprehensive set of advisory and analytical services to Central Banks and other actors in the global cash industry. These include:

  • Bias-free evaluation of an organisation’s market positioning and product / service portfolio
  • High level guidance on systems design, enhancement and interoperability
  • Cross-functional audits at strategic, operational and technical levels
  • In-depth analysis and solution delivery of automation, process optimisation and integration issues
  • Advisory support and impact assessments for entire cash management projects

Building Value-Add Data Architecture for Cash Cycles

One of our major specialisations is in helping our clients adapt to the emerging challenges and opportunities presented by ‘big data’, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. iDAS Global works closely and heuristically with its partners and clients to transform existing data systems and architecture, and to help shape future data strategies.

We break new ground in adapting the latest scientific insights and AI technologies from a range of industry sectors and academic disciplines – such as cognitive neural networks from the fields of healthcare & medicine. More importantly, we tailor their application to all touchpoints within the cash cycle, and to the needs and context of individual organisations.

Drawing on the acclaimed technical expertise of the University of the West of England’s Currency Supply Chain Institute (CSCI), we design data architecture and management systems to harness the unparalleled information generated by our audit and inspection solutions, which leverage innovative 4D, 3D and 2D techniques for machine vision analysis. For example, new capabilities in banknote analysis and process optimisation have been pioneered and patented at UWE to determine banknote condition and print quality.

Whatever your strategic and operational requirements, iDAS will be able to provide an integrated and enhanced data solution. Our dedicated teams of scientists and industry experts can be deployed at short notice to take on any challenge. Our laboratory capabilities and capacity make us a dynamic, disruptive and innovative player in the cash industry. We bring the best of both worlds to you: strategic and hands-on industry expertise combined with scientific rigour and knowledge.