Big Data

Harnessing the Full Potential of Big Data through AI

At the heart of iDAS Global’s value proposition is the deployment of innovative 4D, 3D and 2D techniques for machine vision analysis which significantly outperform other solutions available on the market. For example, we have developed and patented new capabilities in banknote analysis and process optimisation to determine banknote condition and print quality.

Our ground-breaking blend of machine vision hardware, software and artificial intelligence (AI) tools has created a unique portfolio of ‘smart’ auditing and inspection solutions for Central Banks, print works and national cash centres.

By design, our solutions deliver unparalleled volumes of high resolution information – both structured and semi-structured – in real time to managers and analysts. As an illustration, our inspection systems capture physical surface and feature data from any banknote or sheet, passing through any high-speed processing system, at a depth of 10 microns or lower. We also leverage a range of innovative tools – not least advanced FPGAs and GPUs – to significantly increase the quality and speed of data processing and transfer.

However, the management of ‘big data’ of this nature can be problematic if the systems architecture is not adapted to handle its complexity and size. At iDAS Global, we provide a combination of advisory services and practical support to ensure the successful integration of AI tools and software into the data architecture of any organisation, with minimal associated costs in terms of hardware.