About Us

Transforming the Cost of Cash through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

We are pleased to introduce you to iDAS Global, the partner company of CSCS Global based in the United Kingdom. In brief, our exciting mission is to identify and harness the latest scientific breakthroughs and technologies in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics, and to tailor them for use in the global cash industry.

Over the past five years, our founders have pioneered a portfolio of integrated technology solutions which deliver a radical leap forward in terms of cash process management performance, outcomes and impact. These have been developed in close collaboration with various Central Banks around the world, through long-term partnerships at Chief Cashier level, and are currently overseen by CSCS Global.

Our core concept is the use of 2D, 3D and 4D vision and imaging technologies to achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy and quality in banknote inspection processes. In parallel, our deep expertise in information systems architecture and management has inspired further solutions & services which seek to harness the full potential of the ‘big data’ generated by the above.

We achieve our results through the sophisticated, creative application of the latest machine vision-led AI tools and data analytics, drawn from a wide range of industry sectors and scientific disciplines. Today, these areas of ground-breaking work come together under the umbrella of iDAS Global.

Our organisational model draws on a combination of industry expertise (both technological and sector-specific), rigorous applied research, and interdisciplinary innovation. Our engineering capabilities incorporate unique hardware and software design methodologies and algorithms, and we utilise advanced enabling technologies to solve complex and challenging issues for the cash industry. Last, but by no means least, our lab specialisations include Machine Vision, Robotics, Computer Science, Fine Printing, Microbial Sensing Technologies and Olfactory Digital Scent Technologies, to name a few.